Columbia Music Collective

Marketing Assistant (2015-Present)

The Challenge


As a new student-run organization on campus in 2015, the Columbia Music Collective had the challenging task of creating its mission. Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it? What do we want to accomplish now and in the future? The goal was to create a sustainable organization with a strong presence.

The Solution


We established a mission statement and strategic marketing plan that consisted of branding, reputation management, event planning, and social media engagement/marketing. CMC understood that to grow and attract others, there had to be a trustworthy foundation and a unique vision. This plan required an ongoing commitment by its members for the solution to be attained.

A Successful Attack

Overall Presence

As a new club, CMC established an effective integrated marketing communications plan after understanding its mission/target audience. The club focused on internal communication to drive results. To build its exposure and reach, CMC focused on promoting through Twitter and Facebook posting industry news on Tuesdays, how-to discussions on Wednesdays, and artist highlights on Fridays. Twitter was also used to connect to local artists in Chicago. By being informative and engaging, we had a steady increase in traffic.

Built From the Ground Up

Starting a club from scratch surrounded by other students, we had momentum to learn and grow. We established our vision, mission, target audience, and partnerships with events/social media, etc. This allowed for us to focus, plan and execute on the foundation we laid. One key lesson that remains is quality over quantity; being involved in areas that aren’t consistent with your entire brand will only destroy your image versus build it.

Ongoing Strategic Planning

After determining our position, developing our strategy and building our plan, it was time to manage our performance. Every week, we come together to think both retrospectively and prospectively. We tackle both the logistical and creative aspects of what we want to accomplish and constantly analyze how we can do better and be more effective. With a creative, determined group, CMC continues to push boundaries and succeed at elevating an appreciation for Columbia’s musicians.


Member Increase


Increase in Facebook Views Per Week


Increase in Events Hosted Per Semester

Amazing Result


*Statistics based on overall growth from 2015-2017*

Enough reading, take a peak!